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We will test all suitable items and provide you with a detailed written report of all the appliances tested and the reasons for failure if applicable.


We use the most modern testing machines available for your safety and peace of mind and all items are clearly and visibly labelled as proof of testing.


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Portable appliance tests for all types of premises

Electricity or faulty electrical items account for the largest percentage of causes of fire.


Every year an average of 2500 people die as a result of electrical fires.


To combat this, legislation requires that most electrical items are subject to a Portable Appliance Test to ensure that the appliance is working safely.

If fire breaks out or someone is electrocuted on your premises due to faulty equipment it is likely that most insurers will not payout if you have not had your appliances PAT Tested.


You could also face criminal charges for negligence!


Let us take the worry out of this by giving us a call and we can give you a quote to carry out Portable Appliance Testing for all your electrical appliances.


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PAT Testing Services carried out at affordable prices throughout Northern Ireland

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