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Fire Safety Products

To compliment our range of Fire Extinguishers we also carry a range of ancillary products as below

Extinguisher Stands & Cabinets

For situations where you don't have a solid wall surface to install your extinguishers on,

or simply don't want them attached to the wall, we recommend one of our freestanding stands.


They come in a range of different types and finishes however plastic and chrome are the two most popular.


Fire Blankets


Fire Blankets are used to extinguish fires in the kitchen (Usually pots, pans, bins and cooking oil) as well as a persons clothing

They work by smothering the fire by cutting off the supply of oxygen to it.

Our fire blankets carry the British Standard Kitemark and are certified to the requirements of BS EN 1869:1997


Self - Contained Manual Call Point 

Self contained Manual Call Points are used in locations where there is no dedicated fire alarm system installed but where the ability to sound an alarm is desirable.

For larger areas multiple units can be linked together and they are commonly found on building sites where they can be removed and taken to the next site once the project has been completed.

They are battery operated and completely self-contained and do not require an electrical power source to function.

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