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Fire Safety Signage

Fire Safety signage plays an important part in ensuring staff members and visitors to your premises know what to do in the event of an emergency and remain safe.


Our range of signs are designed to meet current fire safety regulations and we carry a large range of fire safety signage in stock at all times.

There are a number of different types of fire safety signs that all businesses should have 

Fire Safety Signage Collage

Signs to help with Fire Prevention

Warning Signs to indicate dangerous conditions or substances are present

Prohibition signs that communicate prohibited actions that could cause a fire such as No Smoking Signs

Mandatory signs that advise what steps people must take to assist with fire safety compliance such as Fire Door Keep Shut

Signs to help with Evacuation

Fire Exit Route signs that assist with visually indicating all safe routes from the premises. eg Running Man Signs
Assembly Point Signs to show where people should congregate on evacuating a building

Refugee Point signage to advise persons availing of a refugee point what steps to take

Signs to help identify Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Extinguisher Identification signs showing the type of fire extinguisher selected and what medium it is / isn't effective on

Hose Reel Signs

Other Important Fire Safety Signage

Fire Safety Policies and Procedures

Telephone Procedures

Manual Call Point Signs to raise the alarm

Fire Alarm Zone Maps

General Fire Action Signs

Fire Zone Plan
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