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What would your staff do in the event of a fire?

Statistics prove that most large fires start out as a small manageable fire which can safely

be put out provided the person concerned has received has received adequate Fire

Extinguisher Training.

It is a common misconception that Fire Training is not necessary for your business or

indeed that Fire Training is too expensive. Some firms think that they do not have enough

staff to need or justify this training.


Fire Training is a legal requirement as per The Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010.


All training given should be appropriate to the employees job role and personal capabilities 
and additional training should be given to Fire Wardens

We provide training for all situations and budgets to enable your business to comply and to

ensure that you and your staff are both confident and competent in using Fire Extinguishers

in the event of a fire.


Bespoke Fire Training tailored to your business

Have you ever been on a training session that was obviously designed for a different type of business and wasted time on procedures and equipment that didn't relate to your company or your employees?

That wont happen if you book your training with us!

When we train your staff we make sure that the training given is relevant to what you do so that any information you are given is 100% relevant to your situation














Outdoor Training

Outdoor training is our most popular type of training. The first part of the session is usually classroom based before heading outside for the practical parts. This training is hands on and gives all attendees an opportunity to get to grips with a

fire extinguisher and to practice on a real fire in safe and controlled surroundings.

Indoor Training

Even if you don't have the room or facilities to have a live fire demonstration we can help you.

Using our unique Digital Fire Extinguisher training system you can practice your newly learned skills in the warmth and comfort of any small office or store room.

Online Training

Online training is one of the most cost effective ways to train your

staff. Some firms find it hard to get all members of staff together at

a mutually convenient time.


Taking staff members away from their

work during working hours may not be feasible and getting them

to stay behind after work can prove extremely difficult.


Maybe you have only a small number of employees and you

feel that that the other methods of training may not be the

most cost effective for you. 

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The Fire Safety Regulations
(Northern Ireland) 2010

An employer with duties under
Article 25 shall ensure that his employees are provided with adequate fire safety training
(a) at the time when they are first employed; and
(b) on their being exposed to new or increased risks 
read original legislation ...
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Indoor Fire Training Session Warrenpoint
Outdoor Fire Training Session Warrenpoint
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